Game of Thrones Scavenger Hunt in North Beach (4/19)

Posted by Master of Drankgons on

On Tuesday (4/19), Team "Make Westeros Great Again" dominated the HBO Game of Thrones Scavenger Hunt held at Bimbo's and then North Beach. We swept the costume awards and took second place in the Scavenger Hunt, coming away with some awesome prizes. Props to all of our teammates who truly brought it. Some of the highlights include the following:

  • Me rapping in a "battle of skills" against someone from another team, who didn't even bother to show us her skill after I was done rapping. Mic drop.
  • Our team painting our faces white to become "white walkers" to complete a challenge.
  • Running through North Beach in our costumes in broad daylight.
  • Khaleesi dominating someone from another team in a Game of Thrones impersonation challenge.
  • Multiple people there (not dressed in costume) asking to take photos with our group wherever we went.
  • Selling a Drankgon to a "fake trader" in one of the challenges, which also entailed convincing him to slam a Hams beer as part of the negotiation. We won the highest price for this challenge.
  • Getting free food and drinks from Tacolicious!

Big thanks to HBO and Bimbo's for hosting. One of my favorite nights of 2016 for sure.


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