Primo Discovers Magical Eggs in Frat Mason

Posted by Master of Drankgons on

While walking through Frat Mason last October, Primo happened upon an amazing discovery: Eggs! They were lying at the foot of one of the weird statues there underneath a strange blanket that had the words "Wes Heeter" written into the blanket in hand-stitched cursive.

As soon as Primo picked up the eggs, a booming voice rang out in his head: "You are the chosen one. Take these eggs home and place them in a vat of Pliny the Elder for 45 days. Then, the Mother of Drankgons must drink the vat of Pliny and when she passes out, something magical will happen."

Always down for an adventure, Primo did as he was told. The eggs marinated in a vat of Pliny the Elder in his apartment in San Francisco, which he shares with his wife. Primo's wife planned to be Khaleesi for Halloween, so Primo knew what had to happen. On New Year's Eve, she drank from the vat of Pliny the Elder. What happened next was pure magic...  


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