The Drankgons have multiplied!

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After the three Drankgons were born, the same voice from Frat Mason rang out in Primo's mind: "Be careful, if you pour water on the Drankgons, they will multiply."
Primo could not help himself, and immediately poured water on the three Drankgons in his possession. Then, nothing happened. All day. Frustrated, Primo went to bed. He woke up the next day to see that... still nothing had happened. Primo finally yelled out in anger, "What the hell! You lied to me, Legendary Dragon Voice!"
After a few seconds, he heard the mysterious voice mumbling something before speaking again: "My bad. I was watching Gremlins on TV last night and got confused. I meant to say coconut water. That shit is super hot right now."
Primo had just happened to be getting into the coconut trend, and had a young Thai coconut in his refrigerator. He busted out his Coco Jack, opened the coconut, and poured the coconut water on the Drankgons. And then suddenly, they began to multiply right before his very eyes. There were now hundreds of Drankgons in front of him. Primo decided that everyone should be allowed to have a Drankgon who wants one. And Drankgon LLC was born!

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