Chloe Kim is a Dragon

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Chloe Kim's parents call her an "Ipugi," a hybrid Korean word they say means "baby girl dragon." Chloe was born in the year of the dragon, or the "imgui." According to Korean myth, a dragon is born a snake, waits 1,000 years then, on a stormy day, goes up into the sky and becomes a full-fledged dragon.

Her father predicted: "At the Olympics, the ipugi will become a real dragon with her big power, the gold medal." Tuesday morning, Chloe's dad texted her the following message: "Hey, Ipugi, today is your day to become a dragon," he said. WHY DIDN'T MY PARENTS EVER TEXT ME THAT!?

Tuesday afternoon, on the sunniest, warmest, calmest day of the Pyeongchang Olympics, American snowboarder Chloe Kim did what she was supposed to do, what she was expected to do, what she was destined to do. She won a gold medal by crushing the competition, Dragon-style.

After all the hard work, the years of waiting patiently for her moment, after overcoming the pressure of entering Olympic competition as the gold-medal favorite, does she feel like she's earned her full dragon status? "Yes," Kim said. "I'm a dragon."

Her father jokes that when his daughter is finished competing, he will open the Pink Dragon Snowboard Academy to coach other girls with Olympic dreams. 

Congrats to Chloe on fulfilling her dreams to become a dragon. We at Drankgon are very very proud of her. Mainly for being a dragon. And we are proud of her parents for helping her to become the dragon that she is today.



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