Hanging with Rapper Chris Webby @ Venue Oakland (11/6/16)

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Through a stroke of genius, hard work, and pure luck, Team Drankgon found itself on the guest list for rapper Chris Webby's show at Venue Oakland last Sunday night. We got to hang out with Chris before and after the show, chopping it up with him on a variety of topics.  It was truly an awesome experience. We learned what a cool and thoughtful guy he is, in addition to being a skilled rapper.  We also watched him and his crew take part in some dragon beer bong action. Well played. Here are some of the highlights we learned about Mr. Christian Webby:

  1. He's got amazing tattoos (and loves Disney/Nintendo): Chris Webby's entire right arm is covered in tattoos of... Disney princesses. Yes, that's right.  Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Snow White, Mulan, etc... And his right arm: Covered in Nintendo characters, including Boo, Mario, Yoshi, etc... A man after our own hearts.
  2. He's an only child from Westport, Connecticut: Again, a guy after our own hearts. He is the son of a teacher and a guitarist, and grew up listening to Eminem. He has been rapping now for 8 years. Pretty impressive.
  3. He's not just a great rapper, but a great lyricist: If you haven't checked out his music, you are really missing out. Some of our favorite songs include Left Lane, R.A.D., Skylight, LaLaLa, Walt & Jesse, and Dinner & a Movie. He loves to rap about smoking weed, but he also has some thought provoking political songs such as Stand Up and Judgment Day. His style is definitely similar to Eminem, which is a compliment.
  4. He gave a speech at his high school graduation: Apparently, his classmates in high school thought so highly of him that they elected him to give the student speech at his graduation. And yes, he was already rapping at the time.
  5. He's a gamer: Given that he was on night four of his California tour, he was understandably tired before the show. So we asked him what he was most looking forward to when he got the chance to relax after his tour.  He initially said going back in the studio, but also said that he is looking forward to playing video games on his Playstation Four. What a boss.

We look forward to more future collaborations with Chris Webby. Possibly even a Drankgon appearing one of his music videos? Fingers crossed.


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