My Top 10 Dragon Movies of all time

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Actually, Top 10

Alright so this picture is a bit misleading. I am actually going to do a quick list of my top 10 dragon movies of all time. As a dragon connoisseur, my words on this subject are pretty much gold, so as Maui would say in Moana, You're Welcome. Let's start from the bottom to the top:

No. 10 - Willow, 1988:

I included this one only because it's such a good movie, and I will never forget the first time I saw the two-headed dragon in this movie. It freaked me out as a kid! The scene where Willow kicks a hatching two-headed dragon into a moat only to witness it exponentially grow and devour humans was amazingly ridiculous, paving the way for much more realistic dragons in today’s films. Definitely a movie worth watching if you haven't seen it.

No. 9 - Shrek (Dragon), 2001:

One of the rare female dragons in a movie. Not only did Shrek feature a pink, eye-lashed, and lipsticked dragon, but the movie also saw her fall in love with a talking donkey, a first for any genre. Dragon was one of the first tastes of a dragon made with modern CGI animation, and she was pretty badass. Not good enough to have a whole movie made about here though. That's what you get when you name a dragon Dragon. So dumb.

No. 8: Milan (Mushu), 1998: 

Though Mushu is not your classic dragon, he was hilarious. He was also a feature character in a Disney movie and voiced by Eddie Murphy. So you gotta include this movie in the list. Here's a link to Mushu's best scenes: Mushu.

No. 7: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, 2005:

The dragons in this movie were top notch, although on screen far too briefly. A key component of the Triwizard Tournament is the dragon battle, where the participants come face to face with several varieties of dragons. While there were dragons in other Harry Potter movies, this one was the best due to the number of dragons. 

No. 6: Neverending Story (Falcor), 1984:

I think that we all remember Falcor, the luck dragon, from our childhood. He looked like a giant, shiny puppy who loved smiling and could fly. He helped out Atreyu so many times on his quest that it seemed like he should have just completed the quest instead of him. This is definitely where modern-day movie dragons got their start in terms of being portrayed as dog/cat-dragon hybrids (think Toothless and the new Elliott).

No. 5: The Hobbit (movies 2 & 3), 2013-2014:

While I hate the fact that they turned the Hobbit into three movies, I was stoked to see Smaug in two of them. And he really stole the show. Voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch (an excellent dragon-voice), he was truly a bad-ass dragon. He loved treasure, himself, destroying things, and talking shit. I've got to say that Smaug is the best modern-day depiction of a dragon the world has seen so far. It was a shame to watch him go down to a stupid arrow in the third movie. At least we can still enjoy his media interviews.

No. 4: Flight of the Dragons, 1982: 

Most people have probably never heard of this movie, but it was amazing. One of the best early dragon movies ever created, it featured a number of magical brutal dragons with star voice-talents like John Ritter. Don't let its underwhelming cover art deter you from seeing it. It features the same dramatic, gorgeous yet somehow gritty fantasy style used in movies like The Last Unicorn, another gem. And the bad guy is seriously bad-ass. His name is Ommadon and he is voiced by James Early Jones. Just go see it.

No. 3: Pete's Dragon (new version is amazing), 1977 & 2016:

I really enjoyed the old Pete's Dragon, but the new one is so much better. The scene in the beginning where Pet and Elliot (the dragon) are just running through the forest and playing and hanging out is pretty much my dream. The new Elliot has quickly become one of my favorite movie dragons, though he is a little too much like a dog for my dragon tastes. I prefer more intelligent dragons that can speak. Confession: This movie is also very touching and made me cry a lot. Well done, Robert Redford.

No. 2: How to Train Your Dragon (1 & 2), 2010 & 2014: 

I had a hard time not putting these movies at the top, but another movie will always have my heart (get it?). There's nothing bad I can say about these movies though. The main dragon is awesome, though a bit cat-like. There are tons of different kinds of dragons. It's touching and has vikings. It envisions a world where humans and dragons co-exist in a perfect harmony. Yep, again, pretty much my dream.

No. 1: Dragonheart, 1996:

This dragon movie will likely always be my favorite. I saw it twice in theaters as a kid, because it's so good. It has Dennis Quaid as the main guy. The dragon has a cool name, Draco, and he is voiced by Sean Connery. I will never be able to picture any speaking dragons without them having his voice. I chose this movie at the top, because Draco is the ideal dragon in my mind. He is smart, noble, talks, flies, looks bad ass, breathes fire, loves humans, and everything he says is a sound bite. His quote, "I am the last one," will resonate with me for the rest of my life. The special effects were awesome at the time too, even by today's standards. We need more dragons like Draco in movies. 

Other dragon movies that were terrible:

  • Reign of Fire (2002) - I really wanted this movie to be good, but it sucked. The dragons were lame and evil. Probably the worst Matthew Mcconaughey movie ever made, which says a lot. Don't bother.
  • Maleficent (2014) - Another movie that looked like it could be cool, but was truly awful. Not even Angelina Jolie turning into a dragon could save this movie.
  • Spirited Away (2001) - I know some people like this movie, but it just didn't do it for me. It was really confusing and the dragons were too thin and weak-looking. The visuals were cool, but not deserving of top dragon movie honors.
  • Eragon (2006) - Wow, they really blew this one. The Eragon book series is one of the best dragon series of all time. And somehow they only managed to make one movie out of the series, and royally effed it up. Saphira could have been another great on-screen dragon (and a female one), but the creators of this movie couldn't get it together. Very disappointed in this one. Maybe we need JJ Abrams to take the lead to finish them to not let this great dragon series go to waste...


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