DGT #19: The Drexel Dragons (& Mario the Magnificent)

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Team Drankgon was in Philadelphia this week. We just so happened to visit Drexel University and take an awesome picture with their statute of Mario the Magnificent. Another bucket list item checked off the list. Some lucky Drexel students may even have received Drankgons.

Drexel University is a private research university with three campuses in Philadelphia and one in Sacramento, California. It was founded in 1891 by Anthony J. Drexel, a noted financier and philanthropist.  Drexel's school mascot is a dragon known as "Mario the Magnificent," named in honor of alumnus and Board of Trustees member Mario V. Mascioli of the class of 1945, who didn’t miss a Drexel game for more than 20 years.  Just like the man he is named for, Mario is an enormous fan of both Drexel and Drexel Athletics.  He can be seen rooting on teams from the sidelines, dancing on the court during timeouts, and causing general lighthearted mayhem around campus.  

The Dragon has been the mascot of the school since around the mid-1920s; the first written reference to the Dragons occurred in 1928, when the football team was called "The Dragons in The Triangle."Before becoming known as the Dragons, the athletic teams had been known by such names as the Blue & Gold, the Engineers, and the Drexelites. 

The school's sports teams, now known as the Drexel Dragons, participate in the NCAA's Division I as a member of the Colonial Athletic Association. The school's athletic program includes eighteen NCAA Division I sports including nine men's and nine women's teams, with most sports teams competing in the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA). Drexel's athletic department was ranked first in gender equity by U.S. News. They do not currently field a varsity football team, kinda like the UC San Diego Tritons. I feel your pain, Drexel!!!!

Obviously this school is awesome, because their mascot is a dragon. Which makes me wonder why more pro sports teams and colleges don't take the dragon as the mascot. I know that the Brooklyn Nets totally blew it by not becoming the Brooklyn Swamp Dragons (The Legend of the Swamp Dragons) and that the UAB Blazers won the Mascot Death Bracket by roasting the competition. But why aren't there more dragons out there???? This shall be covered in further detail in a future post. For now, let's just enjoy the Drexel Dragons for embracing the dragon as their mascot.





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