What are Drankgon Tales?

Posted by Master of Drankgons on

Let's face it, dragons are everywhere and have been with us forever. Though they aren't "real" in the sense that we can actually see them, they are an important party of our culture and history. I feel fortunate to have been born with a love of dragons that has never ceased to diminish over the years. Could it be possible that I might live to see the first ever dragon created? That would pretty much complete me.

In Drankgon Tales, we will profile either a famous dragon (none are off limit) or some kind of dragon-themed product that we like. We may even throw in some kind of random thought about dragons depending on what tickles our fancy. Suggestions are welcome!

One of the best ways to ensure that you get all Drankgon Tales as soon as they come out is to join our mailing list. I promise to make them entertaining, as well as educational, for all of you.


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