DGT #38: The Alpha Male Dragon (Reign of Fire)

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Reign of Fire is a 2002 fantasy film starring Matthew McConaughey and Christian Bale. It was also based on a video game, so naturally I was super psyched to see this movie in theaters when it came out. An action movie about dragons set in the future based on a video game?? Yes, please. What could go wrong??? Then, I watched it. And I cried. About how bad it was. Seriously, this has to be the worst dragon movie of all time. I blame Matthew McConaughey. I mean, look how stupid his character looks in the movie. He should stick to playing stoner characters like Wooderson.




Here's the plot: The film is set in a post-apocalyptic England in the year 2020, twenty years after London tunneling project workers inadvertently awoke dragons from centuries of slumber. The dragons have (obviously) replaced humans as the dominant species on Earth.  And they sorta look like bats...

With the fate of mankind at stake, two surviving parties find that they have to work together to hunt down and destroy the dragons in a desperate attempt to take back the world.  The main dragon, known as the Alpha Male or just the Male Dragon (since apparently the rest of the dragons are females) is the main Boss Dragon. I've gotta say, he looked pretty badass.
Too bad he barely got featured in the movie until the end when McConaughey somehow manages to take him out by jumping off a platform with an axe and slicing off his head mid-jump. This is the best picture of "the jump" I could find...
Plllllleeeeeeasssssseeeeee. That dragon would have whooped his ass in real life. This was just a pathetic end to a pathetic movie that could have been so much better. This image pretty much sums up the movie.

Do you think McConaughey's axe could have chopped through that head made of impenetrable armor and rock-hard scales? I don't think so. Case closed. Dragon movie fail.


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  • I think we watched another movie because in “my” version the dragon ate him hahaha

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