Drankgon Tale #36: King Ghidorah (Godzilla)

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It just makes sense that on a day when America inaugurates its new President, we would profile a Dragon King. King Ghidorah (from old Godzilla movies) is a golden dragon monster with two legs, three heads on long necks, giant bat-like wings, and two tails. This Godzilla nemesis was capable of generating hurricane-force winds with its wings and magnetic force beams from its mouths. What a boss.

The King's origin story has varied from being an extraterrestrial planet killing dragon, to a genetically engineered monster from the future, to a guardian of ancient Japan. He also had a pretty dope toy line as a robot Dr. Octopus-type dragon with wings. I'm curious though, why the hell doesn't have have actual arms? No wonder he always lost to Godzilla. Two arms > three dragon heads any day of the week.


King Ghidorah was brought to life on the movie screen by a stunt actor inside an elaborate three-piece suit, with a team of puppeteers to control the suit's many appendages. The actor walked hunched over inside the Ghidorah costume, holding a metal bar for balance, while puppeteers would control its heads, tails and wings off-camera like a marionette.The monster's heads were each fitted with remotely controlled motors, which were connected to operators via a wire extending from the suit's backside. Because of the suit's weight, it frequently snapped the overhead wires supporting it. Thank goodness for special effects today, because this guy would be totally awesome if brought to life in a new Godzilla movie with CGI graphics. Wink wink to anyone who is in the movie business and reading this. I mean, look at the King! He's a bad ass.


I even made a special origami version of him to keep on my desk to celebrate his awesomeness.

Do the right thing, Godzilla franchise. Bring back the King!




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