DGT #7: Falkor (The NeverEnding Story)

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Today's Tale is Falkor the Luck Dragon (like the luck of the Irish; see what I did there). Part dog, part dragon (OK, I made that up), I think we all remember this guy from the Neverending Story. This "Luck Dog" errrr... I mean... "Dragon: saved Atreyu time and time again, even from the Nothing. In the Fantasy land known as The Swamps of Sadness, Falkor, the marvelous furry luck dragon along with Atreyu (the hero) confronts a number of obstructions in their way to battle the evil Nothing. Falkor was one of the few survivors of The Nothing who almost consumed Fantasia and he helps Atreyu not only by his super-fast flight but with encouragement and hope. This luck dragon appears in The Neverending Story (1984). Alan Oppenheimer played the voices of Falkor, Gmork, Rock Biter, and the Narrator. That's some serious range right there.

Apparently, there is a place where you can ride Falkor in person: http://www.buzzfeed.com/alisoncaporimo/ride-or-die-falkor-edition#.cbaQwd2kZo

He's such an optimist too:

"Never give up and good luck will find you." - Falkor

Was anyone else scared by that wolf creature in the Neverending Story? Besides the red-eyed dogs in Ghostbusters (which tormented my childhood), I think that wolf creature was probably in my top 5 scariest movie creatures as a child.  And no offense to Falkor, but he is just not the kind of dragon I would rely on to fight off a creature like that. He looks like he should be fetching tennis balls in the park or frisbees at the beach.  Smaug would mop the floor with him in like 5 seconds.

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  • Hermosa película, la vi varias veces con mis hijos pequeños. Aún conservamos el bonito recuerdo del dragón y el niño.

    Susana Castillo on

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