DGT#27: The Lollipop Dragon

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As I have mentioned, no dragon is off limits for Drankgon Tales, even ones that involve lollipops.  The Lollipop Dragon originates in a television movie from 1986 named "Lollipop Dragon: The Magic Lollipop Adventure." The plot of the movie involves Lollipop Dragon, along with his gang of friends, trying to save the day following confrontations with Baron Bad Blood.  They have to beat Baron Bad Blood in the Christmas Race or else he will force everyone to eat his liver-flavored lollipops on Christmas.  

I had never actually heard of or seen this movie, but apparently Franklin McAllister III has seen it, because he reviewed it on IMdb on October 20, 2004 and gave it five starts.  His review is pure magic, so I will just let him sell you on the movie. Take it away, Frank M the Third:

TITLE: This is a movie kids must see because it is a classic!

"I have on an old video tape a recording of this movie when it aired on TV in 1986. This movie has not been seen since then. One thing this movie shows is when the people of the kingdom of Tum Tum are about to have their Christmas race to see who would get their picture on the Loolipop the evil Baron Bad Blood gets the idea of how to ruin Christmas by entering the race.  If the Baron won the race, the candy factory would be forced to make liver flavored lollipops for Christmas. When the others try to race against the Baron he tries every dirty trick in the book to win. Then, after he wrecks all the sleds but the one that Lollipop Dragon is on, the princess and her brother hook all the teams of animals up to that one sled and when they pass the Baron's sled he converts it into a motorized snow vehicle but when the kids start trowing snowballs at him and his driver they hit the driver then he pulls a lever loose and wrecks the vehicle. Then, because of what all of them had done, everyone who was riding on that sled got their pictures put on the lollipops. This movie shows how Evil doers will try to ruin the most important holiday of the year and that good always wins over Evil. This movie should be released on DVD."

Well, there you have it. RELEASE THE LOLLIPOP DRAGON (on DVD), or else FrankMIII will be pissed. Based on the cover picture for this movie, it looks like someone may have been eating some magic lollipops when they made it. I mean, "Let Lollipop Magic Surround You." What does that even mean? Classic 80's. Speaking of which, you should all go out and watch Stranger Things right now. I bet FrankieMac3 has watched it. Or maybe not if he liked the Lollipop Dragon.

So I admit that I felt compelled to watch a little bit of this movie after writing about it, and the intro song is AMAZING. Here is a link to the movie. Just watch the first 2 minutes and listen to the song. It's so freaking good. Check out these lyrics:

Let the magic surround you, and take you to a special land

Let the magic surround you, you'll hold rainbows in your hand

Dragons live forever, and they're always friends with you

They'll tell you all their secrets, and share all their dreams with you

In unrelated news, we have changed our slogan to "Let the Magic Surround You, You'll Hold Drankgons in Your Hand." Also, you should check out Baron Bad Blood. What a badass. Ok, so maybe you should just watch the whole movie. And I thought this post was gonna suck.



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  • I know this is an old as heck post, but it makes me so happy to see this positive review on a movie that I loved so much as a kid. I’m only 27, but it was my moms and she let me watch it. I’ve been looking for it for years even though it was a vhs and I have no way to play it lol but that movie was amazing, and I’m so friggin happy you have a link to it! Also, I agree, DVD PLEASE!! :D

    LilTwitchWitch on

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