DGT #39: Yowler (Dragon World)

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Dragonworld is a 1994 film that was shockingly released straight to video.  With a slogan like "Out of the mist and into your heart," this movie looks like it could really tug at the heart strings.   Dragonworld somehow did well enough that they made a second movie in 1999, Dragonworld: The Legend Continues.  Both movies feature Yowler, a dragon that looks just like those bird creatures in the Labyrinth (one of the best movies of all time) that eat their own eyes.  I mean, check out the resemblance.
I never saw this movie, but here is the plot from what I have read. Set in modern times, a young five-year-old boy named John travels to Scotland to live at his grandfather's castle after he loses both his parents in a traffic collision. Yep, heart strings tugging already. At the magical Wish Tree on his grandfather's estate, he conjures up a friend that is a baby dragon that he names "Yowler". Heart... Strings.... Also, this kid is awesome. He gets one wish and he makes a dragon. What a boss.

They grow up together as 15 years go by (lucky kid). One day after the years go by, a documentary film-maker Bob Armstrong, his daughter Beth, and his pilot Brownie McGee stumble upon Yowler.  Woah, woah, woah. BROWNIE MCGEE!? They couldn't come up with a better name for a pilot than completely copying a famous blues singer's name. I tried to find a picture of Brownie from the movie, but failed. Sad. Anyway, back to the plot.
Eager for fame and money, Bob convinces John to "rent" Yowler to local corrupt businessman, Lester McIntyre. John, who is coerced in part by the offer to have the mounting taxes on the castle paid off, allows Lester to take Yowler in. He does so also partly because of his growing interest in Beth. Yowler is miserable and harassed in the new theme park built for him, and when it becomes clear that McIntyre has duped them in order to exploit the dragon, John and his new friends take action. Just look at how stoned... er... sad Yowler was!
I'm guessing that Beth somehow has a change of heart and helps John to break into the theme park to rescue Yowler. All that is based entirely on me seeing this picture when trying to find other images from this movie.
Ok, so maybe this picture helped too.
"Beth, you've been baaaaaddd." (Said in Sloth voice from the Goonies.)
By the end of the movie, it looks clear that Yowler has flown out of the mist and into your heart. John gets a girlfriend, a full-grown dragon, and he owns a castle. I'd say that by Charlie Sheen's definition, John is definitely WINNING.


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