DGT #31: The Thanksgiving Dragon (Dragon City)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Team Drankgon is thankful for dragons (of course) and all of you. It has been a great first year for our business, and we could not have done it without all of you. Today's Drankgon Tale is the Thanksgiving Dragon from the popular game/app/whatever Dragon City.  This dragon is one of the first habitants of the magical Dragon Islands in the game. It's known for its humble and grateful nature and has an incredible fondness towards oven-cooked turkey!
Just look at it's beautiful transition from an egg with a hat and suit to a super cute baby dragon to a super nerdy older dragon that sorta looks like a leprechaun. I'm curious how he managed to get that shirt/jacket onto his upper body given how tight it is and the fact that his wings somehow poke through it. But hey, it's Thanksgiving. We will give him a pass. Here are some other awesome Thanksgiving-related-dragon-pics for your enjoyment:

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