DGT #32: The Two-Headed Dragon in Willow (Eborsisk)

"An Eborsisk, by the gods! Kill it! Forget the man! Slay the beast before it breathes!"  —General Kael, in Willow, the novel

Willow is an amazing movie from 1988 that was written by George Lucas. Val Kilmer was in this movie. Seriously, it's a gem if you haven't seen it, and it was one of my favorite movies as a kid. The two-headed dragon-creature from this movie terrified me. Looking back at this photo, I can still see why.

Apparently, the dragon's name was Eborsisk, which is lamely a reference to the movie critics Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel.  Word from director Ron Howard is that part of the "Eborsisk" was modeled after Clint Howard, his brother. He stated that since Clint has had many cameo appearances in his films, and Ron couldn't find a part for him in this one, he modeled the dragon after him. I can see the conversation between them now: "Cool, thanks bro. Instead of giving me a part in the movie, you modeled this thing after me? Are you saying I am ugly and have a big nose? Screw you, I am not starring in any more of your movies."

I had to look up a picture of Clint Howard after learning this. Sure enough, he looks identical to the Eborsisk:

Anyway, here is how the dragon comes to exist in the film. During one of the last battle scenes, Willow is surprised by a troll. He uses his wand to transform the troll into something else, and it resulted in a two-headed mass of flesh. He kicked it into the moat. The water started to boil, and shortly after a fully adult Eborsisk emerged. The Eborsisk and its flames bring havoc to all parties, until another character jumps on one of its heads and impales  with his sword. Unable to breathe fire, the head explodes, killing the creature. The whole scene is pretty bad-ass, and one of the first good dragon scenes in movie history. If you want to watch it, here it is.

I guess that's what happens when you make a dragon out of a troll. If my kids are ever bad for Christmas, I know what I am getting them. THIS:

Merry Christmas, son. Better luck next year.


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