DGT #42: Unico

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In honor of the Chuggis now being on the market, we are presenting our first ever Drankgon Tale featuring a unicorn! The main unicorn that we remember from our childhood was Unico, the feature character in an animated musical movie from 1981 called The Fantastic Adventures of Unico.

Unico is a baby unicorn that was born with the very special gift of making all living creatures lighthearted and happy. The movie tells the story of Unico's banishment from his home and his subsequent travels, as well as his friendships with Beezle (to whom he grants his own horn) and Chao/Katy (to whom he grants the wish of becoming a human girl). Here is Beezle:


Beezle the Scottish Devil initially rejects Unico's overtures of friendship, but comes around when he realizes how lonely he really is. After Beezle saves Unico from drowning, the two begin their friendship, but then the West Wind comes to take Unico away. The next creature Unico encounters is Chao (Katy), a black-and-white cat who dreams of becoming a witch.

Katy and Unico befriend a lonely old woman, whom Katy mistakenly believes is a witch and will teach her some magic as well as transform her into a human girl. When Unico changes Katy into a girl, Katy at first believes that the old woman did it, until Unico proves it was his doing by changing her back into a cat; but Unico, seeing how selfish Katy has become, refuses to change Katy back to a girl, until one day when Katy saves the old woman from drowning. Katy then becomes entranced by a man posing as a lord (Danshaku in Japanese, Baron de Ghost in English).

He invites her to his castle, gets her drunk and attempts to seduce her. Unico follows, rescuing Katy (with help from Beezle) after transforming into a majestic white winged unicorn and destroying the demonic Cow Skeleton Monster that the "lord" had transformed into.



This was a really strange movie that got super creepy once the older man/lord appeared, especially since he turned into a giant demonic Cow-Skeleton Monster that freaked me out as a kid. Ultimately, unicorn magic prevailed and vanquished the creepy villain. Kinda reminds me of the #me2 movement these days. Very timely if I do so myself.



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