DGT#35: Zmey Gorynych (Lipetsk)

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With all the "fun" things Russian these days, we figured it was time to let the dragon out of the bag here and reveal Russian's best kept secret: The Zmey Gorynych statue. As if Russia wasn't scary enough already...

In Slavic Mythology, Zmey Gorynych was a monsterous dragon. The creature is sometimes thought of as a Hydra (not yet profiled) because of its three heads. He was known best for the epic battle that he started with Dobrynya Nikitich. After three days of fighting, Dobrynya Nikitich was ready to give up but he recieved a message from heaven and began to fight fiercer than ever. After three days and three hours, the mighty dragon was slain by the noble warrior. It is through this folk tale that he became famous. Yeah yeah, who cares, back to the dragon statute.

The picture above of a massive three-headed dragon statue was sent to us by an amigo (thanks Pete!), and we couldn’t help but wonder where it came from. Turns out, it’s part of a Russian theme park that is full of wondrous sculptures and activities.

Oh, and the statute breathes fire. Truly terrifying.

The dragon statue (sculpture might be more accurate, as it isn’t carved from stone, but seems to be made of wire mesh covered in some type of plaster) is situated in Kamenka of Zadonsk, in the district of Lipetsk, Russia. It’s part of a theme park–Safari Park Kudykin Mountain–that is full of wondrous sundry. Here’s a video of the going-ons: 

Their website can be found here –it’s in Russian, but it’s no trouble to click through regardless, and contains a handy map of the place along with pictures. It looks like there’s a village area with craftspeople, a petting zoo of sorts, and plenty of environments to interact with. It also looks creepy as hell. Shocker. Somehow these kids don't seem to be scared of the park or the dragon statute.

Maybe that's because they didn't come across it at night, by themselves, when it was breathing fire...

That's nightmare fuel right there.



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