Great Golem Night Witch Deck (Royal Arena 4000+ trophies)

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This deck is used by Mega Atlas (one of the top 3 players in the Clash Royale Drankgon clan), a Level 12 player with over 4500 trophies right now. This deck allowed me to get over 4900 trophies during the last season, and it's effective against a variety of decks.  Here is the general strategy of how to use each card in the deck.
  • Golem - This is your main card in this deck. You need to try to set up golem pushes as frequently as possible with the Night Witch behind him. Play defense using cards other than the Night Witch until you are at full elixir and drop the golem at the furthest point back on your side (behind your main tower).  The goal is then to put down the Night Witch or Archers behind the Golem once your Golem is almost to the bridge or slightly in front of one of the other two towers on your side. Use the Zap and Rocket to take out cards such as the Executioner, Inferno Tower/Dragon, or Barbarians.  You can also use the Tornado during a main push to pull troops into the Golem when he is about to explode.
  • Tornado - I mainly use the Tornado as defense against the Hog Rider, Elite Barbarians, Goblin Barrel, or Miner to activate my Main Tower early.  If I have already done this early, then I will also use the Tornado to pull troops into my Golem during a push when it's about to explode.  This will pull troops away from the Night Witch or Archers and do tremendous damage to all of them via the Golem. You can also combine the Tornado with the Rocket to kill a number of troops at once.
  • Mini Pekka - I use this card mainly for defense or a push where I have a strong elixir advantage. It works great against the Royal Giant (the lamest card in the game) and Hog Riders if you don't have a Tornado.
  • Night Witch - A perfect supplement to the Golem. I generally like to only use this card behind the Golem to protect her for a push. You can also use her on defense when absolutely necessary, but she dies quickly if not protected.  The Night Witch also works well against the Lava Hound if you put her in the back as soon as the Lava Hound goes down.
  • Rocket - I wish I had upgraded this card earlier. It is super strong and takes out a number of cards that work well against this deck. If someone puts down Elixir, then use the Rocket on it. If you are setting up a push and they put down a card in the back that will take out your Golem (such as an Executioner, Witch, Sparky, 3 Musketeers, Wizard, etc...), Rocket it as soon as possible when it reaches one of the front towers. That gives you tower damage as well.
  • Ice Spirits/Bats/Skeletons/Log - Mainly used for supplemental damage, defense, and cycling. I like to use the Ice Spirit with the Mini Pekka to take out tank cards such as Giants, Golems, Royal Giants, Mega Knight, etc...
  • Zap - The Zap is great for taking out smaller troops or giving your Night Witch additional time to kill a troop that is close to taking it out during a push. It also works great in combination with the Tornado to take out Minions or Minion Hordes or the Hog Rider (assuming main tower is activated).
  • Archers - Great defense against air or anything that has reached one of your front towers, especially Graveyard decks. I also use them in combination with a Golem if the Night Witch is unavailable. You can also split them behind the main tower at the beginning or to cycle to a Golem.

Since I play the same decks most of the time these days, here is my strategy for dealing with specific decks (coming soon!):

  1. Hog Rider Cycle Decks
  2. Mortar Cycle Decks
  3. The Princess/Goblin Barrel/Inferno Tower Chip Damage Decks
  4. Other Golem Decks
  5. Royal Giant Decks
  6. Lava Hound Decks
  7. Hog Rider/Executioner/Elite Decks
  8. 3 Musketeer Decks
  9. Pekka Decks

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