Great Golem Deck against Hog Riders & Mortar Decks (4000+ trophies)

Posted by Master of Drankgons on

If you are like me as a Golem user, you hate Hog Rider and Mortar decks. I finally created a deck that works well against these over-used decks, which allow me to get over 4900 trophies. Here is the strategy:
  • Golem - Your main card. Continue to set up pushes with the Golem in the very back of the main tower or use him on defense.
  • Minions/Bats/Archers - Great for defense and behind the Golem to do damage to ground troops or clear out air troops.
  • Arrows/Zap - Useful for taking out lots of little troops designed to take down the Golem.
  • Guards - Super useful if they are level 6 or higher. They can be used for distraction or to do damage to a Hog Rider.
  • Mini Pekka - Your main damage card. Use it against Giants or Hog Riders and then counter-attack. Also very useful behind the Golem if you can use the other little cards to keep the Mini Pekka alive. Remember, it's not the size. It's how you use it!


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