Great Golem Deck for Clash Royal Challenges

Posted by Master of Drankgons on

This is a great deck for getting 6+ wins or more consistently in challenges. Atlas went 9-0 with this deck in the Ramp Up Challenge. Here is the general strategy:
  • Goblin Hut - This is actually the main card you should be using in this deck before elixir doubles. It does great chip damage to set you up to later use the Golem to control the flow of the game. Put it in the middle between the two towers slightly in above one of them so Hogs will target it.
  • Mega Minion - Great for defense and behind the Golem to do damage to ground troops or clear out air troops.
  • Flying Machine - Useful behind the Golem or to target towers out of reach of Inferno Towers. Make sure it's behind something or it will die quickly.
  • Golem - Use the Golem when you have an elixir advantage in the beginning or wait until double elixir time to make your push with the Night Witch. If you have chipped away at one tower during regular time, you should have an easy victory.
  • Night Witch - Use this card behind the Golem to protect her for a push. You can also use her on defense when absolutely necessary, but she dies quickly.
  • Zap - Great for taking out smaller troops or giving your Night Witch additional time to kill a troop that is close to taking it out during a push. 
  • Royal Ghost - Useful mainly to continue doing chip damage to a tower that is under attack from a goblin hut. Also great for getting past air units to do damage to a tower or range troop in the back.
  • Poison - Another chip damage card. Try to time the poison to target a tower and multiple other troops when attacking. This is when it's the most useful.


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