About Us


Click here to listen to the Legend of the Drankgon full rap. You're welcome.

How to Drink:  Pour liquid in the hole in the stomach of the Drankgon while holding the head by the spikes.  When ready to drink, lunge forward on one knee, give your best dragon roar, and tilt the body skyward while putting your mouth over the mouth. Here is a video showing you how to drink from your Drankgon:

Each Drankgon is 17.5 inches tall, and can hold over 64 ounces of liquid. They are made of high density polyethylene (HDPE), and can be cleaned with soap & water. Their bodies are designed to be placed upright when not in use.  They are meant for chugging beer, but are also useful for watering plants.


Primo, Master of Dragons: Ever since Primo was a young lad, he loved dragons. Now he is following his dreams by creating a company based on his lifelong fascination with these mythical creatures. His ultimate goal is to fill the world with amazing dragon-themed products. You can email him at Getchadrankgon@gmail.com.


Kaleesi, Mother of Drankgons: Primo's main consultant on all things dragon-related is his wife, who helped to bring the Drankgons into this world (see blog). She also made this sweet music video.



Roofus, Chief Creative: Primo isn't stupid. He knew that the best way to come up with a dragon-themed product would start by going straight to the source. He journeyed to the Galapagos Islands and ran a competition to find the most creative Komodo Dragon there. Roofus proved himself worthy, and was given a spot at the head table of Drankgon LLC. He added further value to the company immediately when he ate a robber that came into our warehouse to try and steal the Drankgons sleeping there. Well done, Roofus. He is the happiest Komodo Dragon around. 

About Drankgon LLC:  We have only one goal here at Drankgon LLC... Helping the world to love dragons through dragon-themed products. Our company is based in San Francisco, assuming that high rent prices do not drive us to the East Bay. Feel free to reach out to us via email or social media.  Our Instagram account is hilarious, so we encourage you to follow us.

Disclaimers: We do not encourage over-consumption of alcoholic beverages here at Drankgon LLC, so please make sure that if you use the Drankgon to consume alcohol, that you do it responsibly. Never drive after you consume alcohol from a Drankgon either. Drankgons are meant to be admired and enjoyed, not to be used as a weapon.