Fedora Watch! (A Drinking Game)

 Fedora Watch is the best drinking game of all time. Here are the rules:

  • (Whenever you see someone wearing a fedora, you yell out "Fedora Watch" (pronounced woowwwwtttchhh) as obnoxiously as possible. The more loud and obnoxious the better; like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88A3-qGmy3
  • For each fedora you call out, you get to give out one drink to anyone of your choosing.
  • If you spot someone wearing a fedora with any kind of feather attached to it, then you get to give out two drinks.
  • If you spot a child wearing a fedora, that is also worth two drinks.
  • If someone spots a child wearing a fedora with a peacock feather, the first one to yell out "Golden Snitch Fedora Watch" gets to give out unlimited drinks all day. 
  • If someone calls out a hat that is not a Fedora (subject to group voting), then that person has to take two drinks (or a Drankgon if nearby).
  • You cannot call out the same fedora twice; only once per person.  Similar to the one fedora per group rule.

As an added bonus to remind us all how stupid people look in fedoras, here are some random celebrities trying desperately to pull off the fedora look...

       Dear God, No!


   I just... can't...  

Epic Fails all around.